Monday, July 15, 2013

The Arrangement (#1-8) by H.M. Ward

                                         The Arrangement 8 (The Arrangement, #8)


Nothing ever goes the way it should. Marty is barely a friend any more, and the roommate from hell is doing Naked Guy on my couch again. It's bad enough that it feels like my life is coming apart at the seams. There's one man that has held it together for the past few weeks, but things change. All it takes is a few words and everything shatters. 


Oh.......My.......God.....  I really am at a loss for words after reading the last installment of The Arrangement.  I am not sure if I can capture the essence and emotions of these books in a review.  Suffice it to say, I started book #1 on a Saturday night and was done with book #8 by Sunday afternoon.  I don't think that I have ever had a series of books capture my attention to the point that I practically ignored everything else around me!  Thank goodness I was able to read all 8 of them at one time and didn't have to wait weeks for another release!!  Although, I am climbing the walls waiting for #9 now!!
Sean Ferro was introduced in H.M. Ward's Damaged 2 and the reader got a glimpse of a businessman that was hiding a lot of personal demons.  The Arrangement focuses on Sean's relationship, if you can even call it that, with Avery and both of their personal struggles.  They have both lost loved ones and are struggling to move on from tragedy.
Avery is having financial issues in getting through undergraduate school and must take a higher paying job as a call girl, which will afford her financial security to graduate and attend graduate school.  Her best friend Marty, who she believes is gay, is actually in love with her but has no idea how to tell her. He must live with seeing her perform her job and fall in love with Sean.  Will he ever be able to open up to her and tell her how he really feels?  If he does, how will Avery handle the situation?
The main dilemma is if Sean and Avery can put their pasts to rest, heal and move on.  Is the love that they feel for each other the real thing?  Or are they just too broken to form an everlasting love? 

"There's no way to brace my heart for something like this, something that feels real but is no more substantial than vapor."
The end of the book left me literally gasping "Oh my lord..." and I can't wait for the release of the next installment.  H.M. Ward has mastered the art of entertainment.  She is able to encompass the reader into a web that you will never want to escape!! - Kelly

      = French Kiss

Author Bio:

Over a million books sold! H.M. Ward is a NEW YORK TIMES, WALL STREET JOURNAL, USA TODAY, and Amazon #1 bestselling author. Bestsellers include DAMAGED, THE ARRANGEMENT series, and SCANDALOUS. Ward was recently featured in FORBES, the WALL STREET JOURNAL, and the WASHINGTON POST.

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