Review Policy

Kiss And Tell Reviews is currently accepting books for review! Our goal is to give our open and honest opinion when we review a book.  We will do our best to review titles in a timely fashion, but if there is a certain deadline that must be met, please let us know!
We prefer to read and review the following genres of Romance books:

  • Romance
  • Contemporary Romance
  • New Adult
  • Erotica Romance
  • Historical Romance
  • BDSM

Please note that if we review a book and deem it to have less than a three    kiss rating, we will not publish the review.  We will post all reviews on our blog site Kiss And Tell Reviews, Facebook, Amazon, Goodreads, and Twitter.  We will rate books using the following system:

=  = French Kiss 
   = Nip Kiss 
  = Butterfly Kiss

 We will accept books in Kindle, PDF and mobi format.  We can also accept ARC copies and hard copies if needed

 We would be honored to work with you on any giveaways, blog tours or special announcements. Just drop us a line at  We look forward to working with each and every one of you!

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