Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Talon and Taron Interview!

KATR: Have you ever fought over a girl?
Talon: We have never fought over a girl. His girls aren't my type.
Taron: Yea, he didn't like the HOT available ones! But he finally came around with Ev.

KATR: How did talon feel about the tour ending early due to everything with Taron and Ivy?
Talon: The tour means nothing to me when my brother is in the middle of a crisis. We'll come back.     That's what we do!

KATR: What is each others most annoying habit?
Talon: Taron walks around the house naked. It pisses me off. He doesn't care who is there. This is why I'm happy that Ev and I have our own place now.

Taron: Talon bitches about me walking around my house naked. Ivy likes it. And you know it's just easier that way.

KATR: How did they come up with name rebel walking?
Taron: We were brain storming at Luke's one night. We were both pacing the floor and talking about Walker or Walking because of our last name. We were both raising hell and Holden said we look like two Rebels Walking. So it stuck.

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