Monday, November 18, 2013

Blog Tour: Taming The Boy Next Door by MJ Carnal

Caleb Allen was your typical boy next door. Growing up in a prestigious suburb of Los Angeles, he lived a life most only dreamed about. As one of the original Moretti men, he caught the eye of countless women with his clean cut good looks and chivalry. But behind closed doors, he commanded attention, becoming a dominant force that was anything but timid.
After a misunderstanding that jeopardized the wellbeing of the group and a near fatal accident that nearly cost him his best friend, Mark Moretti, Caleb was determined to become the loyal and devoted man he had been in the past. The minute Dr. Jena Turner stepped from the ICU with news of Mark’s condition, Caleb’s world spun off its axis. Several chance encounters only deepened his desire to make her his. He longed to prove that the life he preferred was one of pleasure and passion.
But, Jena Turner has a secret that haunts her. Hiding from her past, a simple moment in the heat of passion sends her running in fear. An unlikely confidant can either push her back into Caleb’s arms or give him a taste of his own medicine. Can Jena step into a lifestyle that reminded her of the darkest day of her past?
Broken and defeated, Caleb questions everything he knows about love. Can he prove to Jena that love is worth the risk or will he watch her walk out of his life forever?
Taming the Boy Next Door is the third novel in the Moretti Novels by MJ Carnal.
Most everyone who reads has had a favorite book boyfriend (BBF).  Well, I am going to say that the Moretti family is my ideal 'book family' (BF)!!  I have loved each and every installment in this superb series.  MJ Carnal has made me laugh out loud, cry and sob (literally!!) and want to just throw my kindle across the room in frustration.
I just love how with each installment, the reader gets to grow and experience more in the lives of the previous characters.  All of the characters lives are so intertwined that their actions have a direct impact on each other.
The character of Jena Turner, a physician, caught my interest in the last installment and I could just feel the attraction and sexual chemistry between her and Caleb Allen.  This installment delves into their relationship and made me realize that the sexual chemistry that I noticed was only the tip of the iceberg!
MJ Carnal has delivered a great story with excellent writing once again!  I can not wait for Kevin's story in 'Taming Casanova' due out in February 2014! - Kelly
"My whole life had been about love breaking my heart.  It had been about mourning the loss of anyone I ever cared about.  And this man with this beautiful spirit took my hand and showed me what it meant to truly live."
About the Author:

MJ Carnal lives in Lexington, South Carolina with her husband, gorgeous daughter and two loving and super furry dogs. She spends her days in the world of neurosurgery but her nights in a world she creates on paper. When she isn’t writing, you can find her watching episodes of The Walking Dead with her hubby, having tea parties with Princess Caroline, Singing karaoke for anyone that will listen and reading just about anything she can get her hands on. The Moretti Novels are her first published novels. Taming the Bachelor (6/13), Taming the Playboy (8/13), Taming the Boy Next Door (11/13), Taming Casanova (2/14) and Untamed (5/14)

She loves to hear from fans, fellow writers and book lovers. Find her online at,, or on Twitter @mjcarnalauthor.

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