Thursday, November 21, 2013

Blog Tour: Mirage by Ashley Suzanne


OMG! Where has Ashley Suzanne, the author, been all of my life? She has absolutely blown me away with her superb character development and plot lines in her debut novel!

Danny and Mira are college sweethearts who are engaged to be married. They are best friends with fellow collegians Skylar and Kylee. The foursome is inseparable. A tragic motorcycle accident shortly after graduation changes all of their lives drastically.

After the devastating accident, Skylar and Mira become closer. The sexual tension portrayed between the characters was so real and sensual! "I will not be the responsible one tonight. I will not stop this. If you don't want me, you have to walk away. I want you and I want you now." Who wouldn't swoon over someone saying this in the heat of passion?

I am IN LOVE with this book! It is such a page turner and keeps the reader guessing with the story line development. I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the ending (which I WILL NOT spoil)!! I NEVER saw it coming! Kudos and a big shout out to Ashley Suzanne! Congratulations on an amazing first novel and here's to all of your guaranteed future successes! Love you girl!! - Kelly
-French Kiss

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